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A few words from past clients, but upon your request, we would also be happy to refer you to other former clients.

Sidney Renovation Client Testimonial








We had a 1967 house that had some questionable work done to it prior to our purchasing it. We knew we needed repair work and had a few ideas to improve the layout of the home, but had no idea where to start. Once Paul became involved he took us through the process step by step. He helped us to work with the architect to produce a practical and aesthetic design.

For the first and last months of the renovations, we were living in the house, and I found the workers very respectful in that they warned us of when and where they would be working, and kept traffic areas safe.

Throughout the project we discussed the financial status biweekly which allowed us to know exactly what had been spent, what was owing, and where we were going. We also came onto the site twice a week to see the work done, discuss the next steps and make more decisions! I always felt that there was a spirit of collaboration. We were given the options, the costs and the pros and cons, so that we were involved in every step.

All in all, it was a very positive and exciting project. We are now in the house and are so pleased with the final outcome. We are enjoying the open plan, the options for rental configuration, and the efficiency of the living space.

Fred & Clare

Oak Bay Ipe Deck Client Testimonial

Victoria Custom Ipe DecksVictoria BC Custom Ipe Hardwood DeckIpe Decking Victoria

We would highly recommend Paul Hofmann and Josh McCulloch! They recently completed our new deck and we are very happy with the result. The job was difficult, as our previous contractor (had to be fired) did not follow the proper installation of Ipe planks and did a lot of damage to the hardwood. Paul and Josh had to fix many mistakes made by the previous contractor and they carried out the work in a truly professional way, taking no shortcuts, being satisfied only with the best craftsmanship. They work quickly, efficiently, and meticulously. They did an excellent carpentry job and went above and beyond what was expected. Paul and Josh are very knowledgeable, experienced, and confident in all aspects of their work and we are thrilled with the outcome. It is always nice to interact with these very polite, pleasant, and respectful individuals.

Vera and Maxim

Central Saanich New Build Testimonial

Paul Hofmann was hired as the contractor to build our studio/office. The communication around any decisions regarding the project was always excellent. Paul acquired at least 2 or 3 estimates for all sub-contractors and explained the different options clearly. His knowledge, workmanship, and quality of building exceeded our expectations. He delivered everything on time and within the budget. We can highly recommend Paul for any building project.

Wolfgang & Sibylle

Lands End Ipe Deck Client Testimonial

Victoria Ipe Hardwood DeckVictoria Custom Hardwood DeckIpe Decks Victoria

We felt ourselves really fortunate having the opportunity of working with Paul Hofmann and Josh McCulloch to help us bring our deck project to such a success! These two men brought to the job site a very high level of professionalism, knowledge, skill and integrity. Their communication on all levels was always open and honest. Any and all issues were always brought to our attention, our input and our ideas were heard and time taken to ensure we understood and were comfortable with the solution. Their work ethic far exceeded our expectations. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for any project you may have.

Jayne & Allen

Oak Bay Renovation Client Testimonial


Paul Hofmann Carpentry was one of several contractors we selected to interview when we were ready to undertake our home renovation. We were impressed right from the start.
From the onset of our project, Paul was completely organized, professional and somehow made the project flow every single day.  Trades were lined up accordingly, well in advance.
They listened to our ideas and managed to exceed our expectations with some really great, creative ideas. We were impressed with the incredible skill, talent and work ethic each of the fellows showed every day. Paul and Josh solved any issues that arose without ever stopping the job or leaving us in a lurch, basically they owned the project and took responsibility from beginning to end.
Our finished home is a beautiful statement of their hard work and knowledge. That is something we have come to appreciate more after talking to people who have endured reno nightmares.
In summary, Paul Hofmann Carpentry is a company that we would highly recommend to anyone undertaking a small or large project.

David & Shelley